Rental cottage Czech Republic features

Vacation rentals in Czech Republic


Great for two families with kids


Solar heated pool


Clubhouse with fireplace


10 person capacity


English speaking satellite TV

Vacation Cottage for rent in Czech Republic - South Bohemia

Rental Cottage in South Bohemia Czech Republic

Offering accomodation and vacation rentals in this beautiful, traditional, 200 year old, pool equipped country cottage, in the southern part of the Czech Republic - the South Bohemia. Come and sample the traditional country life of this area with all of its' magic. This rental cottage is located in the small village "Brezi", located at the tri county area of South Bohemia, Central Bohemia and Pilsner counties.

Plannig a trip to the Czech Republic? Forget about expensive hotels in the city of Prague. With up to 10 person capacity, you and your large family can all easily fit into this beautiful traditional country house with plenty of room to spare.

Located only 55 miles form Prague, you can still easily explore the city with all of its' beauty, and in the evening retreat to your own country paradise, where the people of Prague come to relax on weekends. Feel like visitting the world famous brewery? The city of Pilsner is only 30 miles away. How about a medieval castle? The huge castle of "Rabi" is waiting for you only 18 miles away...